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Missile War Will Destroy the World within minutes

Science and technology have been developed as the world are making rapid progress,

there are plenty of facilities in human life. Now the contact is only a matter of moments. But a storm is hiding behind this fantastic development and revolution. The human soul is the most vulnerable in the world. 

The worldwide race is on the acquisition of nuclear weapons and has emerged the concept of pre-attack on the enemy, which has proven to be extremely dangerous. A small mistake can cause millions and millions of deaths of human beings. Future wars will not be fought over the years or months but will finish the enemy just by pressing a button to activate the missile. The intensity was enhanced during the Cold War, when the world was divided into Russian and US blocks, both made nuclear weapons for human destruction which could cause the disruption of more than half of the world if used. 

After the collapse of Russia, the US is trying to eliminate nuclear weapons from around the world and has spent billions of dollars to defuse the missile system. This is the double-faced strategy as the United States is threatening to prevent nuclear technology on the global level and significant progress has already been made in their missile defense program. According to a report by January 2004, the number of US nuclear weapons is 10640, according to another report, the number is 10585. It was also announced that the United States would reduce nuclear weapons until 2002, but it has not done until now. 

US nuclear missiles can reach their target up to thirteen thousand kilometers. In addition, the number of M CB weapon is 500. Furthermore, the defense system has the ability to destroy the missile in the atmosphere before it reaches the target when has been fired by an enemy. the US has set up their base near all the countries which are engaged in to become a nuclear power or has already become.

On April 26, 2004, France, Romania, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States presented resolution number 1540 in the security-council of the United Nations. This revolution was approved on 28 April, according to which those nations are punishable who deal in nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and their devices. 

Under the resolution, all 191 UN member states were agreed on a point that countries responsible for spreading technology and equipment used in the preparation of destruction weapons and related business were bound to be punished. In this case, former US President Bill Clinton has adopted a clear strategy for the US after the nuclear explosions in India and Pakistan declared their missile defense policy and allocated six billion sixty million for the period 2005 to 2000. After the Nine Eleven event, the United States had to spend most of the money on defense, In order to make more successful and better missiles. America’s technology budget is the world’s biggest budget at this time, which allocates Four thousand Million Dollars. While Russia has given $ 65 billion, China $47 billion, Japan $42 billion, the UK $38 billion, France $29 billion, Germany $24 billion, Saudi Arabia $21 billion dollar, Italy has spent $19 billion on their defense, while there are many countries which are spending than billion dollars to meet their military requirements. An estimated 128000 have been created until nuclear warheads, of which only Russia has 55,000 nuclear weapons which made the 43 percent of a total atomic warhead. From 1940 to 1995, US $ 5 trillion has been spent on the preparation of the 3 nuclear war. The United States has recently given an amount of $ 45 million to Russia for the destruction of chemical weapons which is considered to be the most dangerous country in the world as per making the missiles. Russia became a nuclear power in 1949. After the end of the Cold War, Russia restricted its nuclear program. They are not able to continue the program due to the economic downturn. There are missiles that Russia can make to hit its target at the range of twelve thousand kilometers. As per the START II agreement, Russia and the US discarded their 3500 catastrophic nuclear weapons while on 24 May 2000 dangerous nuclear missiles and weapons were announced to be destroyed during the Moscow agreement, which might cause the destruction of 1500 to 2200 in 2012. The 3400 while the number of strategic nuclear weapons, conventional weapons to Russia’s five thousand. Now Russia has over 5000 strategic weapons and 3500 nuclear weapons. So Russia still has 7400 atomic weapons and missiles. Russia is still dynamic even after being defeated in the Cold War.

India, Iran, and Iraq have been accused of helping these countries in atomic programs. Recently Russia did not just oppose the use of force against Iran in the strongest terms, but it is also fully cooperating in Iran’s nuclear program. Russia has made clear that this was their cooperation with Iran in order to meet their energy needs.

North Korea has made substantial progress in nuclear and chemical weapons. In 1980, a US spokesman said that the North Korean had achieved atomic capability in 1986 and the US magazine “Army scientific and technical intelligence bulletin” has clearly revealed that the chemical weapons have begun to be made on an extensive scale and the US will make surprising development in coming two decades. In this regard, India was accused of helping South Korea’s Atomic Programs. America restricted some Indian companies in this regard. At the present stage, the condition is, South Korea has made progress in its missile program to such extent that America is considering it to be a danger for itself and America has developed its ballistic missile system on the basis of the latest technology. US arms control official Stephen Reid maker provided information regarding a conference in December 2004 that North Korea may test its long-distance ballistic missiles and is capable of carrying the warheads and can hit several parts of the United States at a time. The missile which was reported by Estiffin Rademaker is reported that it has a lifting load of several hundred kilograms missiles comprising of three stages, its ability is enough to destroy several cities in the US within the range of 15 thousand kilometers. Since the discovery by the US Secretary of State announced that the United States does not change its aggressive attitude against North Korea and has no plans to attack it. US military spy in North Korea sent 2,100 planes in 2004, according to North Korea’s official news agency report. After the war, North Korea revealed. Statements are not mere deception. Recent facts also revealed that North Korea has five Suaskid missiles, about 100 “nudging” missiles, and one “payykusn” missile which is seen as a nuclear weapon all over the world, “typing dong” missile, which is extremely dangerous and can cause massive destruction.

In October 2000, South Korea had agreed to shut down its Missile Programme. The American foreign minister “Mediline Albert” revealed this after he met South Korean leader “ Joung Well,” he delivered a letter from Bil Clinton in this meeting. The North Korean government proved it by its behavior that they are agreed upon the promise. George W. Bush not only put pressure on North Korea after becoming president, but he also gave hints of attacking. He expressed his intentions at a joint press conference after the meeting of 20 February 2002 kujnuby Korean President Kim Dye June that he would oppose North Korea’s negotiating freedom of the people and the outside world. North Korean government spokesman also threatened that if the aggression continues, then we will give them worse defeat as compared to that of 1950.


8 January 2003, the North Korean leader Kim Jong eBay warned that they would use nuclear and biological weapons against its neighbors and the United States, which destroy entirely Time Square and the embattled White House. Before this, Newsweek published news about Kim Yang and other nuclear weapons of South Korea in which it was acclaimed that South Korea won’t feel guilty to kill few lac people. South Korea is a threat to Japan even now. Both countries are trying to settle things. At this time, Korea is a member of the United Nations, and Japan can be seen clearly against the Union.  On 22 May 2004, Japanese Minister Joni Chiro Quizo visited South Korea, and the government gave a cold answer against it. The government criticized the prime minister and said that he was not supposed to have the visit as it would be completely useless. North Korea is at the Target of South Korea. America has made bases in South Korea.  Korea has made missiles named Skid B and Skid C which has the capacity to target up to 300-500Km. Furthermore, they have “ No Dong” Missiles at their borders which has the ability to target within 100km of the radius.


As Iraq was attacked to find nuclear weapons causes the guise of human lives was struck and killed on a large scale, have been condemned by the European Union and the United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan. As for Iraq after the Gulf war to end, the nuclear program is concerned, UN experts Carlakh has destroyed 8 million chemical substances and 28 million liters of heavy water. Even after that, the CIA told The UN inspectors that Iraq’s nuclear weapons are a hidden secret. The inspectors do not have access to firearms. The B missiles possessed by Iraq were used to kill people in the war, and it has a range up to 300 km. Al Hussein missiles and nuclear weapons can kill within the range of 600 Km. They were also used against Iran in the Iran-Iraq war. Abbas missile could execute in the range of 900 kilometers; the experiment was in held 1988 while “under ” Could kill has the range of 900 kilometers. This program was still in progress, and Iraq made an experiment on the “ Alnamooz Missile” which had the tendency to kill within the range of 1800 Km but it could not succeed. So Iraq wasted all its missiles after the union wars.


While Saddam Hussain’s missile program was considered to be most dangerous by Israel, but Iran Worked hard to make itself better and experimented a missile technology named “ Shabaab 3” and said that if something would be done against it, then it would have horrible results. In 1992, de CIA report “Strategy of Iran” it was said that Iraq is making new missiles with the help of Korea and China which would have the capacity to target one land from another and Israel can be the target now. Iran used Shahaab one in the war against Iraq. While Shahaab three has the throw the nuclear weapon up to 1400 Km of range. And the opposition countries of Iran are also a target. 

Addressing the ceremony of the exhibition, national security Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who cannot ignore that if America attacked Iran, the world would change and we will not allow anyone to change the world. He added the situation in the Middle East and American interests, “said our nuclear capabilities to further progress is religious as per the advancement of American benefits. The Iranian Government made the remarks in saying that their nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes and electricity is being developed while their missile defense program is from the perspective of development. If America and Israel would try to destroy their nuclear program, then we would do everything to defend themselves. Such threats, in the wake of the Bush administration and the Jewish Zionist lobby, including conservative members of a hard-line and new secret operation in Iran, or to change Government through military force also could not succeed until now


The United States has forced the IAEA’s nuclear program, not only to close Iran’s nuclear program but to develop its progress in this regard. Fall down of Kabul and the fall of Baghdad after the ‘World Order,’ the strengthening forces of Israel over the world became prominent in this field.

At the same time, the statements of the US and European countries regarding Iran’s nuclear program were that America is smoothening the ground to attack Iran. After the spiritual conference of Hassan Rouhani, he was asked to present the details of his nuclear plan to the institution till November 25. Otherwise, it will be presented in the Security Council. The Iranian Parliament had passed the bill in June 2004, which was recommended by the government to continue its nuclear program. Iran also featured the first time of the Shahab Thari which hit the 1250 kilometer range in the National Parade in September 2004. On the occasion of the National Parade event, the banner was also visible. ‘The existence of Israel will erase the map.’ Before this exhibition, a senior Iranian official (August 2004) threatened Israel to stop attacking Iran because Iran missiles can be destructive in any place in Israel. Only a week from Iran’s threat Earlier, Iran used to rebel the model for the shambling ballistic missiles, and before that simple missiles were also capable of targeting US destinations in Israel and Khalej. Remembering that the nuclear weapons of Israel, the entire state of Iran, are currently under Iran’s developed missiles, ‘said Mr. Jon Jani, head of Bureau of Revolution Guard. Defense experts said Iran’s nuclear installations are not possible to disrupt its nuclear capability because its large part is built underground.

The United States has become disturbed with the tactics of Iran’s response, while the US has claimed that the communication system has been shifted to two major cities of Iran. If Iran succeeds to suspend this system, it certainly believes it Also has the ability to replace the old system. Korea is still laughing at US nuclear weapons. US Deputy Secretary of Defense Douglas J. Fayth said in an interview with the Israeli newspaper, Jerusalem Post that if the diplomatic efforts to end the nuclear program, then the US can attack Iran, whereas the American fast-riding Atlantic., according to the report, Iran will eliminate the revolutionary guards in the first phase of the attack of the end of the military’s military force, while Iran will launch nuclear installations at the second stage, and the ground attack will be carried out on the sides of Iran. Afghanistan, Gulf States, Iraq, Azerbaijan Iran will be directly monitored by the direction of ASEAN and Georgia so that the current leadership of Iran should be resolved.

Despite Iran’s preparations, Iran’s motivation was high. Around all the measures, if a missile carrying a nuclear weapon initiates then the people won’t even be able to call for help.


In this context, in the Middle East, Israel and their guardians have speeded up nuclear missiles and weapons, and America has created a situation and Have become active that Britain, France, Germany, and Russia also have to achieve their own interests.

On the other hand, Israel also has become a fourth of the region after winning two wars in the Arab world. After the destruction of the Islamic world and the Palestinian people, they believe that there is no one to compete, but the Islamic countries have such situations that they are still appealing in front of United Nations and Israel is protesting to establish peace in the region, and pressure is on Israel like Iraq and Iran to end its nuclear weapons.

Before the Israeli and its aggressive policies, the Arab world remained united and protested against the American plans, Israel does not consider anyone even after all this havoc. As far as Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s visit is concerned, all the countries of the region have been doing so far that the nuclear weapons of Israel must be diminished and the threat of nuclear weapons of Israel is due to the threat of the Middle East, but the current situation in the region is weakened. The presence of nuclear and chemical weapons has never been hidden in Israel, but the political and political leadership of Israel has always been saying that it can use nuclear weapons and against the Arabs. In the sixth of 1967 and Israel planned to use nuclear weapons in the war of 1973, but Russia did not do this because of nuclear interference. Both September 4, 1974, the CIA had sent a brief report to its government, I which it was stated that Israel is trying to develop nuclear weapons, but it is also trying to make no other nuclear power in the Middle East. For this reason, Israel destroyed the nuclear reactor ‘Oksarak.’

In the first Gulf War, the US used nuclear weapons.

The United States has also been supporting the Israeli missile program, as well as the US’s support for Israel’s ‘Aero’ missile program. Israel did a successful experiment of “JeroYokon” and, Also handed over, the missile to Army which could throw nuclear weapons up to five hundred kilometers, while in 1984/85, ‘Jericho’ experiment was made successful and its range was 16 miles long while the missile ‘Jerbopepai’ was also handed over to the army. With his cooperation with the French Federation, Israel had a great deal of privilege in the mid-1950s, with the help of the French President Nicholas.

At this time, its carrier craft system is also ready for a very attack. Apart from this, Israel has also missed the missiles. At the beginning of Iraq’s recent war, the US missiles, which were fired at the Ham-e-missile northwest of Baghdad, and now it is acclaimed that Israel has the same missiles. 

‘Turbo’ missile is a flying whale spreading disaster. It is easy to carry out the world .

This dispute has taken place in a rush that a missile can be fired in just a moment. The solution to all disputes is that only Palestinians should solve the issue, and Hamas will not stop the formation of the Palestinian state by blocking the Palestinians and settlements of the Arabs. It should be done immediately.


The United Kingdom has become a nuclear force in 1952, and its missile system is modern. Its missiles can successfully destroy eleven thousand km-long targets.

At the moment the UK has 185 wires, which are according to its defense needs, they have the ability to overcome their enemies in the eleven thousand kilometers. Its amorphous have modern submarine ballistic missiles. The United States has 48 nuclear helicopters and has an advanced system of destroying the invading missiles, which has been made more modern with America’s Trident-II D-5.

This is a dangerous missile that can easily target people even in the corner. France’s main country has 425 nuclear and chemical weapons, while French missile ‘T’ can spread destruction to eleven thousand thousand kilometers and 350 new clerical weapons can be fired by missile systems.

France made the ‘SSBMS-T’ ballistic missile in 2008, and its nuclear program is the fourth largest program in the world. The missiles of the land-to-land system also exist, the missiles of the French missiles in the sea. ‘ M 51 ‘and’ TN 76 ‘are the primary for France’s integrity.

In addition, the super-aircraft aircraft short-range missile ‘ASMP’ carrying N 2000 and nuclear and chemical weapons are also significant in France’s defense force, the ‘Rafael’ is designed to destroy the enemy, under the Nuclear Mission.


China’s nuclear and missile system is specially developed. He has developed a nuclear weapons-fired missile system. China started to make nuclear success in 1980, and they claim to be one of the most active nuclear force.

China has come to this field so that Russia and the US nuclear missiles have made unique developments on the earth and also in the sea. US defense analysts say this technology will grow more in the coming fifteen years. At present, China is the biggest threat to economic relations. In this region, where India and Pakistan have become a nuclear force, Israel and Iran have the ability to nuclear bomb; stress can be produced between both. Trump canceled the international nuclear agreement with Iran and made the foundation and even the Indian Medial tries its best and use social media in a negative way to enhance pressure on Pakistan as they don’t have the idea that such foolish acts can cause the destruction of anyone within seconds.

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