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How to Find Email Address Using Phone Number

Using a scraping tool or an extension on LinkedIn is currently not allowed, and your account is at risk:

LinkedIn tracks certain extensions and blocks access to its services. If you intend to test these plugins, review LinkedIn’s Terms of Use to ensure that the plugin doesn’t violate them and also check that the plugin isn’t blocked.

That’s your duty. A forbidden plugin can land you in a LinkedIn jail. If you want a list of plugins that LinkedIn tracks, use this Chrome extension named Deceitful LinkedIn.

Keep in mind: Information mentioned in this article is my personal opinion, not related to any company, employer, etc. No part of this article (text, photo, etc.) may be used without my permission. Because of GDPR, I didn’t store any personal data (phones, emails, etc.). My intention was to check as I did in 2017 when I tested ten Chrome plugins. Using these plugins on LinkedIn was safe then. A few plugins died after GDPR, creating new ones. Below are the results of each plugin. Test case: Browser: I used the Brave Chromium Browser which I use every day.

Some of these plugins didn’t work on Chromium browsers, however, and I wanted Chrome instead Plugins: I’ve reviewed more than 25 Chrome extensions, and I’m mentioning most of them. I don’t mention those I think could be your security risk. One plugin, for instance, requested access to your Google Drive while storing data. If you gave this plugin permission, you’d get access to edit, add or remove data on your entire online drive.

So I can’t recommend it. LinkedIn: I took a list of 1,000 random LinkedIn profiles from the internet and used my friend’s LinkedIn profile not linked to them. I divided the profiles by industry and used a random generator to select five profiles per job title I targeted. Additionally, each profile was checked to ensure there were no public contact details. When I noticed public contact details, I removed that profile from the test group and used the random generator to select a new one. I only kept one profile attached to the LinkedIn profile, so I could run another test to check my other theory. I picked fifty-five profiles from different countries.

I advertised fifty profiles for the following positions: Sales Manager, Accountant, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Project Engineer, HR Manager, Program Manager, Sales Manager, Senior Developer. Five other profiles are Facebook, Airbnb, Amazon, Uber, Microsoft. I randomly selected these five profiles because they belonged to people who work in organizations with a strong brand and are more active online than others. I’d like to see if their contact details are more publicly accessible than the other 50 people. I reviewed data: Through these plugins, I checked each profile to see if I could get an email address (private or company name) and phone numbers (if the plugin displayed phone numbers).

I also checked each company email address via a few validators.At the end of this article, any company email address that was old (because the person had moved on to work somewhere else) was marked as “Y (Old)” in the Google Spreadsheet, but at the end of this article I counted that email address as “not found.” I didn’t try them; I just powered through Google. Test of Chrome Plugins:

Note that if you target candidates working in different roles and locations, the results will be different. If in my experiment, any plugin has lower results, it DOESN’T MEAN it won’t produce better results. And if the plugin has good results, it DOESN’T MEAN will always do the same for your position and roles. Some of these plugins can find candidates ‘ social media profiles, and most of these plugins also work on other sites like Twitter, GitHub, etc., but you need to check the terms of these sites before using the plugins. Some of these plugins have free options, or just a few credits a month. All these plugins have more functionality and options than the text below.

Here is the List of tested plugins

1. BooleanAssistant(Chrome Extension)

2. ContactOut(Chrome Extension)

3. Find That Email(Chrome Extension)

4. Get EmailChrome Extension)

5. GetProspect(Chrome Extension)

6. HIRETUAL(Chrome Extension)

7. Improver(Chrome Extension)

8. JobJet(Chrome Extension)

9. LeadIQ Lead Capture(Chrome Extension)

10. LeadLeaper(Chrome Extension)

11. LeadMine Prospector(Chrome Extension)

12. Lusha(Chrome Extension)

13. Nymeria(Chrome Extension)

14. PrecontactTool(Chrome Extension)

15. RocketReach(Chrome Extension)

16. SeekOut(Chrome Extension)

17. SignalHire(Chrome Extension)

18. Skrapp(Chrome Extension)

19. Snovio(Chrome Extension)

20. Uproc for LinkedIn(Chrome Extension)

21. WhoKnows(Chrome Extension) BooleanAssistant(Chrome Extension): BooleanAssistant is a boolean generator and email tracker.

This extension has been on the market for some time, and it was quite successful in my 2017 check, but after two years there is no visual or technological progress. This extension looks only for email addresses, so don’t expect phone numbers. ContactOut(Chrome Extension): ContactOut is another software reviewed in 2017. They took second place among tested Chrome extensions in my previous test, and their performance in this test is still great.

ContactOut extension provides multiple contact email addresses, a combination of professional and personal accounts, phone numbers and social networks.

Find Email Address(Chrome Extension): Find Email Address that can help find professional email addresses in millions of organizations worldwide.

This plugin focuses only on email addresses so you won’t find phone numbers. We sell a Chrome extension as well as a bulk email finder and email verifier. This extension also helps you find your browser’s emails on various social networks. Get EmailChrome Extension): Two French engineers developed Get email, using big data and machine learning algorithms to find email addresses. Using this plugin is simple, and if the person’s email doesn’t work, their system tells you.

GetProspect(Chrome Extension): GetProspect is not only a Chrome extension that seeks online contact information, you can also use its simple search tool to find B2B contacts. We also offer easy corporate email address finder and path builder software. HIRETUAL(Chrome Extension): HIRETUAL isn’t just a contact-finding plugin.

It also has AI Sourcing to help users pipeline candidates based on their needs. Note: EU contact details are not available even if they have them. You will see a message saying, “It’s an EU or EEA resident. You’ll need their permission to contact them. “You’ll click on the link, and the program will inform the nominee. When candidates don’t want to share their contact details with you, they don’t have to. The HIRETUAL group is GDPR heavy. Non-EU and EEA members have clear contact details. Improver(Chrome Extension): Improver helps find personal emails and social network phone numbers. We also have extra functionality: if this plugin doesn’t immediately find the address, you can place the profile on a waitlist and the plugin will continue to search for it.

We also have an AI assistant that immediately matches LinkedIn profiles of applicants for available jobs. JobJet(Chrome Extension): It’s a good Google extension to get emails and contacts. Posting jobs and importing resumes is easy. Jobjet is a technology platform that enables sourcers and recruiters to identify, communicate and employ candidates much more easily than some major ATS solutions. It’s a handy app.

Note: Because of GDPR, JobJet is not currently working with European Union-based companies, but they are working to comply with GDPR. LeadIQ Lead Capture(Chrome Extension): LeadIQ is a B2B lead prospecting tool that lets you reach millions of checked email addresses. This helps you identify opportunities and discover emails and contact info from potential customers. Note: This is the only extension I couldn’t get private emails and phone numbers because it allows users to buy extra premium credits. LeadLeaper(Chrome Extension):

LeadLeaper is a business email-finder tool. LeadLeaper’s solutions include email monitoring and templates, incorporating Lead BOT, and LinkedIn. In the paid version, we offer Lead BOT, a solution that automates the lead generation. Lead BOT can grab hundreds of leads one-click. LeadMine Prospector(Chrome Extension): LeadMine Prospector is a lead generation tool for your target customers and email addresses. Through Linkedin or Crunchbase profiles, or Google search results, you can target leads and their email addresses. Lusha(Chrome Extension): Lusha is a finder of email and contact information. This extension automatically scans your profile page and offers the most up-to-date contact information, in full compliance with the appropriate data regulations. Nymeria(Chrome Extension): Nymeria scans for all email addresses linked to a user’s social media profile (such as GitHub or LinkedIn). Nymeria finds business and personal email addresses connected to user profile. You can also quickly build lead lists with Nymeria, and Nymeria’s pricing is incredibly fair. PrecontactTool(Chrome Extension): This extension is “new kid on block.” PreContactTool is built to automatically locate contact details from multiple sources

. It takes information from your profile and uses it to search the Internet for contact information. This plugin has the highest number of phone numbers. RocketReach(Chrome Extension): It provides API and bulk lookups; you can connect it to Salesforce, Hubspot, etc. And their OutReach tool makes emailing successful. It orchestrates the entire email pipeline from custom delivery, monitoring email response, automating follow-ups. RocketReach offers an interesting, complete solution. SeekOut(Chrome Extension): SeekOut automatically improves Google’s candidate searches.

Their Sourcing Assistant will add photos, training, background information, and top skills to Google’s results page. They also have an AI-powered recommendation tool, which automatically finds more candidates like the one you found. You can also get checked email and social links (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). SignalHire(Chrome Extension): This plugin will help you find addresses, mobile and social profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and MeetUp. Other social networks arrive soon. What I like about this plugin is their CRM and ATS solutions. Link your existing ATS to SignalHire ATS.

Skrapp(Chrome Extension): Skrapp plugin helps you find B2B emails. Build your most accurate directory. This extension allows you to gain the productivity you need to collect data, and helps you build a list of leads you can count on. Snovio(Chrome Extension): In addition to helping you locate email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and blogs, Snov.io will also help you validate the email address and create and send several email drip promotions with prompts, targets and auto-follow-up emails. You also have an email tracker for Gmail, so when people read your emails or click links, you’ll get real-time browser push notifications.

Uproc for LinkedIn(Chrome Extension): This extension will autocomplete any LinkedIn profile you visit. UProc enriches every profile with phone numbers, contacts, urls and websites. Use a Zapier trigger to submit any visited profile anywhere. WhoKnows(Chrome Extension): The WhoKnows plugin is now available in Beta version and it has some minor hiccups, but it’s a cool machine-learning discovery platform that automatically extracts expertise and relationships to produce semantic, informative, always up-to-date profiles and connections.

WhoKnows has contact info server and connections to half a dozen industry leaders in contact info. They also do real-time testing to ensure quality. Are these plugins and solutions worthwhile? Say you won’t use them at all on LinkedIn and you’ll access LinkedIn through a different browser, so you won’t break LinkedIn’s terms. Then these plugins can help you find hidden talents on other websites.

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